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Evinrude 115 hp motorFor years, two-stroke engines rules the roost.  They had raw muscle but lacked refinement.  AS boaters demanded cleaner, quieter engines, four-strikes pulled ahead.  Then came Evinrude E-TEC.  A two-stroke with the best qualities of a four-stroke, E-TEC is a category unto itself. Speed.  Power.  Weight. Noise.  Emissions.  In every way that matters, Evinrude E-TEC beats the competition.  Especially when you consider ease-of use.  All our Evinrude engines are built to go 3 years or 300 hours withou dealer-scheduled maintenance.  There’s no break-in period. No oil changes. No belts to replace.  Ever.

Your hardest decision?  Deciding on blue or white.

What does E-TEC mean for you?

  • Power & Performance.  Evinrude E-TEC kicks butt. Any way you want to do the kicking.  Acceleration, top-end speed, any size, any horsepower, across teh line.  No four-stroke can touch our power-to-weight ratio.  No four-stroke comes close to the pure power and torque of the basic two-stroke technology.  And when it comes to acceleration, E-TEC beats every outboard on the water, two-stroke or four.
  • Clean & Quiet.  You don’t even have to think about emissions. Evinrude E-TEC is the cleanest outboard family in the world. Every E-TEC has 3-star certification from the toughest of the tough–the California Air Resource Board.  And thanks to the sophisticated, acoustically tuned air intake and exhaust systems, you won’t be filling the air with a lot of noise, either.
  • Fewer parts. Fewer problems.  Every Evinrude E-TEC component is tested and retested for maximum performance and longer life.  Parts are bigger and stronger to work harder and last longer.  With the S.A.F.E system, you could even run for five hours  without oil, if you had to.

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Photo Title In-Stock Price Featured Options
Image of 1973 Evinrude 18HP 1973 Evinrude 18HP 1 $ 895 No View details
Image of 2014 Evinrude E60DPLHBA 2014 Evinrude E60DPLHBA 1 $ 6295 No View details
Image of 1990 Evinrude 100STLESB 1990 Evinrude 100STLESB 1 $ 2195 No View details
Image of 1981 Evinrude E10RC1D 1981 Evinrude E10RC1D 0 $ 895 No View details
Image of 2012 Evinrude 40hp E40DPL 2012 Evinrude 40hp E40DPL 0 $ 5635 No View details
Image of 1983 Evinrude E50TEL 1983 Evinrude E50TEL 0 $ 1795 No View details
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