You can read all the brochures, and you can look at all the websites, but it doesn’t become real until you run your hand along the hull. We understand that. We know that it’s not just about the boat; it’s also about the motor, the paint color, the electronics, the accessories… the whole experience.

Because we understand that everyone has a different idea of what a “great boat” is, we stock 5 different brands to meet the needs of area boaters. 

Alumacraft Fishing BoatsAlumacraft

When you think “Fishing Boat”, you think “Alumacraft”; strength, light weight, versatility, and good looks. These boats have it all. Don’s Marine is proud to be the area’s exclusive Alumacraft dealer. The first Alumacraft–an innovative alternative to the cedar boats being made–rolled off the assembly line in 1946. Now, for over 60 years, Alumacraft has been leading the way in reliability, quality, and innovation. Read more about Alumacraft boats or see our current inventory.


Bennington Pontoon BoatBennington

In 1997, Bennington built its first pontoon boat. They did so with the passion to “Build the most innovative products with the highest standard of quality and service”. They’ve succeeded. Bennington pontoons are the standard of luxury and reliability–a fact supported by their consistent ranking as one of the top 2 manufacturers. Read more about Bennington boats or see our current inventory.




It's evident that Skeeter's philosophy, "engineered like no other," permeates everything we do - from the way we build our boats, to the courtesy we extend each time you walk into a dealership. Beginning with the extensive efforts taken in the methods of manufacturing, all the way to the winner's circle, Skeeter's pursuit of perfection has become clearly evident as the best engineered bass boats on the water today.  See our current inventory.



Used Boats

Not everyone needs a brand new boat. We have an every-changing selection of used boats of all types and sizes. Our used inventory runs the gamut from the very simple to the luxurious. Stop in and talk to one of our sales staff or check out the current inventory in our online showroom.




Honda | Yamaha | Evinrude | Mercury | Pre-Owned Motors

Unless you’re into sailing or paddling, a boat without a motor isn’t very useful. Don’s Marine is a full-line Yamaha, Mercury, Honda and Evinrude outboards.




Just as with the boats that we stock, we know that boat owners have different requirements when it comes to their outboard motors. While everyone may make a 75-hp engine, not all 75-hp engines are the same. Size, style, stroke, fuel efficiency, features, and technology can all sway a person’s choice. It’s not about which engine is the best, it’s about which engine is the best for you.

Not just a sale

Our sales staff not only sell motors, they use them and rig them, too. This means that you benefit from their extensive experience. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified in all the engines we sell, so you’re guaranteed that all work being done is up to factory standards.

Used Motors

We also have a constantly-changing inventory of used motors. Don’s Marine Guarantees that all used motors are in good working order at time of delivery unless otherwise noted. All used motors less than 10 years old come with a 30-day 50/50 warranty unless otherwise noted. Check out our current inventory.