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2015 THURsday Night Bass League


Tournament Directors

Chris James: 608-219-6732

Jason Mazzarisi: 608-438-5523



Download a PDF brochure!

By registering for tournaments anglers agree to abide by the 2014 rules listed on this brochure and not to hold Thursday Night Bass League and its operating members liable for any accidents or wrongdoing.

Print Name Partner #1________________________________

Street or Address____________________________________

City and Zip Code____________________________________

Phone Number (prefer cell)_____________________________

Email Address________________________________________


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Weekly Payouts*

Based on 30 Entries

80% Payback

1st Place  40%  $144

2nd Place 30%  $108

3rd Place  20% $72

4th Place  10% $36

*If no fish are caught, money will be rolled into the next event.  If no fish are caught the last Thursday, 1-4th will be awarded by a drawing at weigh-in.

 All entries accepted past 5:45 go toward the year end championship.

Angler of the Year

Plaque Courtesy of Skeeter Boats & Don’s Marine LLC, and $100 if insured by Cliff Insurance Agency.

Championship Event Payout

Based on 30 entries for 16 events

Estimated Max. $130 Admin. Costs

1st Place 60%   $786*& Plaque(s)

2nd Place 30%  $393

3rd Place 10%   $131

*If only 2 teams score fish, 60% will be awarded to 1st, 40% to 2nd. If only 1 team scores fish, they will receive 100% of prize money.  If no fish are caught, prize money will be equally divided among all Championship participants.

Championship Contingency Prizes

* 1st Place Championship Team will receive an additional $50 if fishing from a Skeeter Boat.

(Courtesy of Skeeter Boats & Don’s Marine LLC)

*1st Place Championship Team will also receive $100 if one person is insured by Cliff Insurance Agency and $200 if they both are.